Q: Where are we located?
A: Although our physical address is off sight, all outings will take place at the 360 Bridge boat ramp on Lake Austin unless a prior special request has been made. The option of delivery to a home on the lake is available upon request with advanced notice on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How long is a rental? Is there a minimum?
A: A two-hour minimum is typically required (All seven days of the week) by reservation for Sea-Doo rentals, although if we are on site with the available time and units, then a single-hour outing may be an option. Boat rentals are two-hour minimums (Mon.-Thur.) and four-hour minimums (Fri.-Sun.)

Q: What is required to make a reservation?
A: The reserving person must be 25 years of age and have a valid ID and a credit card. A credit card is required to definitively lock down a reservation, as well as to cover any incidentals which may occur during your outing. Depending on the request, a 50% deposit may be required. No special license is required - just some common sense and the ability to follow instructions correctly.


Q: Do we serve Lake Travis?
A: Although we mainly serve Lake Austin, we are willing to fulfill a reservation to Lake Travis by special request. ***WITH ADVANCED NOTICE***

Q: What is our cancellation policy?
A: In order to get a 100% refund of your deposit, the cancellation must be done at least seven days prior to your reservation date. If cancellation occurs between seven days & 48 hours of your reservation, a loss of 50% of your deposit will be incurred. If done within 48 hours, only store credit will be granted. Day-of cancellations and any no-call/no-show guests will lose their entire deposits.

Q: What if unfavorable weather is predicted?
A: We WILL NOT cancel outings due to "forecasted" rain or bad weather but will do so if it is actually raining at the lake at the time of the reserved outing. Then, and only then, will the option to reschedule/cancel be available.

Q: Is fuel included in the cost of the rental?
A: Fuel is included in the cost on most reservations. Specially requested outings for extended lengths of time will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Are water sports offered? (Tubing, wake-boarding, paddle-boarding, etc.)
A: Water sports are available if you wish to partake in them; this is completely up to you. We encourage all participants to make sure they are in good physical health beforehand, as these activities have the potential to be dangerous and/or life-threatening. Check with your physician prior to your outing to ensure that you are fully able to participate in water-based activities. ***AT YOUR OWN RISK***

If you have additional questions please feel free to CONTACT us today, or checkout the FAQ page for more info.